The Global Cooling Project

Shining Light on Sustainable Solutions


We live in a world where we are inescapably .. consumers.

And every day, we face important decisions. We can decide whether to support businesses that encourage dwindling resources, mass extinction, Global Warming and Extreme Weather, or we can choose to support businesses that lead us toward sustainability and a brighter future.

I believe economy and ecology can live side by side. But we need to support each other and take actions together.


  • To create a Web-Site and Web-Series that work synergistically to inspire and empower world change.

By focusing on quick, easy actions that support green businesses, and clean, renewable technology, The Global Cooling Project Site and Climate Change Reversing Store will help people lower their carbon footprint while supporting an environmentally sustainable economy.

Knowledge is power and inspiration is key.

Revolution Earth

Our romantic environmental thrillerwhich focuses on Climate Change, activism, the media, and the politics behind dirty energy, will help highlight real world events in a narrative and dramatic context.

The viewer will be given escapism, entertainment, education, inspiration, and immediate empowerment to make a difference!

At the end of each episode, the viewer will be prompted to get involved, getting a chance to choose the scope of what they would like to do.

All with the click of a couple of buttons.

For Example:

Quick links can empower the person to …

  • Switch to Clean Energy in the Home,
  • Sign a Petition
  • Plant a Tree at the push of a button
  • Discover Eco Friendly Home sites
  • Find Eco Friendly Vacations
  • Buy or Test Drive an Electric Vehicle
  • Order Recycled Products
  • Switch to Wind Powered Web servers
  • Shop for the home using a portal for Eco friendly and Energy Saving Products
  • Or connect with non-profit organizations that can help develop continued education, engagement, and action with environmental issues.

… These are small examples of the kind of choices that can be made.

All from the comfort of their own home, within minutes.

We live in a consumer world, and we will focus on consumer choices, while covering healthy habits, and other ways to get involved to make a difference.

Our goal is to emotionally engage the audience, dramatically increase awareness, accountability, and action, therefore supporting an environmentally sustainable economy that will sustain us, our children, and the planet into the future.

In short, I want to make sustainability mainstream.


– Thank you so much for your support and engagement!


(Music by Colton McKenna – ‘Satsuma’)




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