In Florida, Waiting for Irma … Finding Hope in Despair

I write this from the relative safety of Gainesville Florida as we wait for Hurricane Irma to pass over us late tonight.

On the heels of the devastation our nation has witnessed in Houston Texas after Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 barreled down on it, our country then watched Irma, a category 5, one of the largest, most powerful hurricanes ever to form in the Atlantic, set on a pathway toward Florida. We watched it ravage the Caribbean and Cuba, and we have waited to see what kind of damage it will do to us. Within a matter of weeks, two Category 4 hurricanes hit the mainland of the United States.

Meanwhile, we became aware that there were two other hurricanes brewing nearby. One of them, Hurricane Jose  also set to grow to an unprecedented size and is also currently a formidable category 4.

This is unprecedented. This hurricane season has been unprecedented. This wildfire season has been unprecedented. This flooding has been unprecedented.

This is what climate scientists have been warning us about. Right now, some people may be just beginning to understand why we have been sounding the alarm.

It is so appealing to think that the worst damage of climate change is far off. It is so appealing to think that we have time to handle this, time to choose to take action. Time to wait to take personal responsibility. Time to cast blame onto others. Time to talk conspiracy theories, time to debate, and time to continue with business as usual.

But nature is sending us a message. Our time has run out. Incremental action and business as usual is not a choice. It is more expensive by far to continue our dependence on fossil fuel’s then it is to make an urgent and dramatic transition to a clean energy future. Where there is a will, there is a way. There are no excuses when we are all fighting for our lives. And it’s time that we all understand that that’s what this is about.

And yet, in the midst of this urgent and dramatic warning, we must find a way to amplify hope.

Tulsi Gabbard has just introduced  the most progressive clean energy bill ever. We have the technology to suck carbon out of the atmosphere and turn it into brick. Turn it into buildings, into furniture, into products, into energy. Renewable energy is cheaper than ever before and has the power to democratize our energy systems and save millions of people thousands of dollars. The food that we throw away every day can be easily turned into fuel through biogas generators.

So while we look at these images of devastation, while our hearts go out to the thousands of victims of climate change, while we watch our friends become those victims .. let us please, please, please strengthen our resolve to become the solution. To never again allow climate deniers to control our government. To never again allow companies like Exxon mobile receive billions upon billions of dollars from our tax dollars while they promote technology that destroys our cities and destroys lives. It is time for all of us to engage. To pay attention to our government and to pay attention to ourselves. To constantly examine how we can continue to do better.

So I ask, in addition to giving to the victims of these hurricanes, think long and hard about what you can do to help solve the problems that created this devastation to begin with. And to resolve to do more.

Visit the Climate Store:

Choose Clean Energy For Your Home

James Cromwell and ‘A Crack In Everything’

The Global Cooling Project is proud to announce that we will be working with Shapeshifter Productions and James Cromwell on the production of an incredibly Important film, ‘A Crack In Everything’.

‘Gasland’ and ‘How to Let Go of the World and Love Everything Climate Can’t Change’ director, Josh Fox will also be participating!

This film is an environmental thriller and an expose of the fracking industry, created by Varushka Franceschi and was born out of years of in-depth research and interviews with people who have been directly affected and harmed by the industry.

Watch Varushka speak with award-winning actor James Cromwell about why this film is vitally important.

Right now thousands of protesters are protesting in New York City and Washington DC against presidential Executive Orders to move forward on the democratically defeated Keystone XL Pipeline, and the Dakota Access Pipeline.

It is films like these that can have the power to educate people about these vital issues. Issues that are a matter of life and death for many, and will have reverberations for decades and centuries to come. 

‘A Crack In Everything’ needs your help to move this film forward. We have two weeks left to go!


Please check out the incredible perks that come from your tax-deductible donations!

  • Dinner with James Cromwell
  • Associate Producer Credit
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  • Skype call with James Cromwell
  • Walk on role in the movie
  • VIP Premiere Tickets
  • T-shirts, posters, signed scripts, blue-rays and more!

Please check out this amazing project below and help empower a cleaner, safer sustainable future for ourselves and our children!


If you can’t afford to give, please share with your network. Personal messages have the greatest impact!

Email, tweet, message, spread the word and become a part of the ‘A Crack In Everything’ community!

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Thank you!!

~ Aria



Let Standing Rock Stand


The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is currently in a battle for the future of all of our lives. Energy Transfer Partners has been pushing ahead with the construction of a pipeline that would cross through their sacred waters, endanger the water supply for 17 Million people, and help push us past the brink of no return on climate change.

The Army Corps of Engineers has allowed Energy Transfer Partners to ignore their orders to cease construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline until further review, while armed government militia has been using dangerous and deadly force against peaceful water protectors. The Army Corps response to the endangerment to life and limb from the aggressive military actions is now to tell the water protectors that they must leave their own encampments by December 5th. This camp is currently under the process of weatherization to withstand the cold winter months assisted by the generous donation of Yurts from actress and activist Jane Fonda.

The Oceti Sakowin Camp has become a gathering point for many nations around the world who are standing in solidarity for the protection of the waters and lands of the Standing Rock Sioux, and for all of us who gather in solidarity to protect our futures. This camp is also an example of how we can create a peaceful communities without fossil fuels through the generous donations of solar panels from Mark Ruffalo and The Solutions Project.

Please sign and share this petition to protect the Standing Rock and their water protector brothers and sisters from eviction from their rightful treaty land.

Petition to Save the Water Protectors’ Camp

Also, to learn more about the response and concerns from Standing Rock, please watch this press conference from this afternoon.

Standing Rock Press Conference


And see a few ways you can get yourself off fossil fuels right where you are at the Climate Store.

If you think this fight is important, please support the work we are doing by making a donation online.


In Solidarity and Gratitude,


Why It’s Time for You to Lead the Charge Against the Climate Emergency


This is a long overdue article I wrote after my experience studying with Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project in Texas. I want to thank so many of you who supported this journey and helped make it happen! We are facing new challenges every day, and I’m looking forward to sharing next steps with you as this journey and outreach grows.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart .. 

And please, on election day, vote for the climate!


Creative Commons / Center for American Progress Action Fund

Creative Commons / Center for American Progress Action Fund

“The moment one commits oneself, providence moves also”.

Vice President Al Gore’s words have remained with me since my three-day training in Houston, Texas, as one of the newest members of his ‘Climate Reality Leadership Corps’.

But since I left Texas, I have been fighting a battle between despair and determination. Despair for how far our disregard for Mother Earth has gone – our disregard for ourselves and for our children. And determination to open people’s eyes to a very harsh reality that we do not want to confront. Accepting the reality and scope that climate change will have on most of our lives is daunting and often overwhelming. But if we ignore it, we will surely lose our chance to save ourselves and our children from a planetary tragedy like none we’ve ever seen.

As I was receiving my training, our country was experiencing destruction of epic proportions in both California and Louisiana. Massive flooding in a ‘Five hundred year flood’ in Louisiana (the eighth of its kind in a single year) was pushing over 100,000 people from their homes just as unprecedented storms of fire were pushing 80,000 from their homes throughout the parched lands of California.


(photo by Dave Malkoff)


Meanwhile, I sat inside an air-conditioned theater watching images of methane, a greenhouse gas (that is averaged at 82 times worse that carbon dioxide) bubbling and gushing its way throughout the melting permafrost in Alaska. This is what scientists have been warning us about for years. This is what’s environmentalists have been hoping desperately to avoid. Yet fossil fuel companies have been reaping billions of dollars in profits, while our addiction to their products have set us on a path toward runaway climate change. A path there could be no returning from.

Al Gore reminded us that examples of our ability to transcend great challenges and injustices can be found throughout the history of the world, We have freed masses of people from slavery, we have given women the right to vote, achieved civil rights and legalized gay marriage. Yet never have we confronted a challenge as important or as great as the one we are currently facing. Right now we are fighting for the right to life for every child on this planet. And until we all truly understand how real and urgent this threat is, and what we must all do to solve it, success is but a dream and failure is quite possibly imminent.

While I was on the plane flying back from Texas, I perused a list from the Paris Climate Summit that showed the levels of commitments toward carbon reduction from countries around the world, as well as a list of states in our own country that are actually fighting AGAINST the clean power plan that is intended to help us reach these goals. My frustration mounted as I came to see how far those commitment levels are from where they really must be. The time for incrementalism is over. We are now at Defcon 1. Because Government has failed to protect us.

I would like to think that a governmental commitment to the health and well-being of its citizens would not be difficult to come by. I would like to think that a commitment to the survival of the species would be a given. I would like to think that our right to clean water, our right to clean air, and to the protection of the future of our children would not be difficult to sell to those we have elected to protect us. And yet, somehow, the protection of the people, and of that which gives us life has been a very hard sell in a world that prioritizes profit above people.

The major problem that has gotten us here, at least as I see it, is that Mother Nature doesn’t have a wallet. Beyond the trees that give us oxygen, the water that gives us life, and the air that we breathe, Mother Nature pays a pittance compared to the cold hard cash from the fossil fuel companies.

In fact, the very same people who lobbied on behalf of ‘big tobacco’ have been lobbying on behalf of ‘big oil’ to plant seeds of doubt against mountains of scientific evidence. They are fighting against virtually the entire scientific community. And they are making a bundle. So, while policy makers have been debating whether to act, and while fossil fuel companies have been buying congressional and presidential elections, and while media conglomerates are being paid a pretty penny to air happy smiley messages from the fossil fuel industry, there has been no commitment from government that would actually be close to adequate in saving our children and ourselves from drought, floods, fires, food shortages, heat stroke, sea level rise, massive displacement, extreme weather, global instability, ocean acidification and mass extinctions.

We are now staring down the barrel of a gun, and the finger on the trigger is our own.

So, what do we do about it? We arm ourselves with education, knowledge, and passion. The time for change is now. It is time for the public to stand up and demand action!

Let’s demand a carbon fee for big polluters, let’s abolish the billions in subsidies our tax dollars have been paying to fossil fuel companies, let’s put an end to fracking, and let’s demand legislation that supports the freedom of individuals who want to create their own clean energy for their homes. Let’s truly educate ourselves about who we’re voting for, and what they support.

But, above all, while we wait for government to get its act together, let’s take it upon ourselves to do absolutely everything in our own power. Let’s each look at our own consumption. Let’s all make personal commitments to fuel our homes with clean energy. Let’s pledge that our next vehicle will be electric or at least a hybrid or bio-fuel. Let’s look within to see what more we can do. Turn out those lights, turn off that car engine when we’re not actually going anywhere. Let’s walk more, bike more, take some public transportation when we can. We can also put our money where our mouth is. Divest from fossil fuels, invest in clean energy and become a conscious consumer, an engaged citizen, and above all, a part of the solution.

Because when we all decide to commit ourselves, we just may find that what once seemed impossible, is suddenly possible. And because if there was ever a fight worth winning, this is it.


Do your part by kicking fossil fuels wherever and whenever you can! 

If you rent: Get $25 back when you choose wind energy with Ethical Electric!

If you own, get $500 for going with money-saving SOLAR ENERGY with SUNGEVITY!

In Solidarity and Perseverance .. 



Take Me to Al Gore


I have a chance to meet and work with my very first climate hero!

Vice President Al Gore taught me about climate change all those years ago, and now I’ll have a chance to learn from him in person! I’ve been accepted into his Climate Reality Leadership Corps, but I need your help to get there.


Please check out the Indiegogo campaign I put together. I’m giving away posters, your name in our credits, a day on the set, remote voice over coaching and demo direction and development sessions, climate talks and more!

Donations are tax-deductible.

This could really help catalyze the project. The clock is ticking and a need your help!

Please check out the perks and share!


And please, if you’re still relying on dirty energy in your home or apartment, visit the climate store to go green!

Thank you so much guys! Looking forward to taking this to the next level! Watch our recent videos and please help me spread the word.

Much Gratitude .. 



Lobbying for Climate Action with CCL

With NJ lobbyists from CCL on Lobby Day

Since I’ve begun the journey of creating ‘The Global Cooling Project’ and ‘Revolution Earth’, I’ve had a few opportunities to bring my voice to Washington DC on behalf of climate action. Each time has been inspiring and eye-opening, though sometimes a bit frustrating as well.

I recently returned from a three-day conference in Washington DC with the Citizens Climate Lobby. The event will also be featured on the Emmy Award winning documentary series  ‘Years of Living Dangerously’ (Executive Producer, James Cameron) on Showtime.

CCL is an environmental advocacy organization that has focused all of its Climate Cooling efforts into one singular mission: to create the political will for a livable planet through the passage of a bi-partisan carbon fee and dividend that returns all of its revenues back to the people.

In the current system (according to Oil Change International), fossil fuel companies receive approximately $37.5 billion annually in government subsidies, while even more costs are borne by the public, the government and the military through pollution to our air and our waterways that contribute to disease, early deaths, (seven million a year according to the World Health Organization) eco-system destruction, sea level rise, ocean acidification, extreme weather and a very real threat to life on earth for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

This is a threat of epic proportions that only gets worse while we wait to move forward on appropriate solutions. Our dependence on these dirty fuels is literally destroying the livability of our planet. Meanwhile, the US has also exempted the fracking industry from clean water regulations, while allowing them to hide which chemicals they have been pumping deep into our earth, and into our aquifers.

One of the reasons that have been put forward for this continued support is that fossil fuels are simply cheaper than clean, renewable energy. Yet, if you factor in government subsidies, the costs of clean up, and the cost of directly related medical bills … $2 a gallon of gasoline at the pump is estimated to actually be costing the tax payer $12. And this doesn’t factor in the costs to our cities and homes as a result of sea level rise, or the loss of lives from heat stroke, droughts, floods, etc .. (the list is too long to even properly address in regards to climate change and loss of life).

So, this ‘magic bullet’ that CCL is proposing? A gradually increasing ‘carbon fee’ that is assessed at the source. Some argue that this would lead to an increase in the cost of goods for various dirty products that we are used to relying on. One of the benefits of this however, is that the public will be directly encouraged to choose products that are produced with clean, renewable energy as a result. By gradually bringing carbon producing products back to their true cost, we will begin to have a market system that reflects the cost of dirty energy and petroleum products in a way that is more honest and true, while encouraging innovation and the transformation to a truly sustainable economy.

But the wonderful news about CCL’s proposal is that the fees generated from this carbon assessment would actually be paid back to everyone living in the United States as a dividend. Thus many families (especially in the lower incomes) would actually see a financial benefit. According to a thorough study of the proposal by REMI, this one measure would help stimulate the economy and create thousands of jobs in renewable energy, while helping us quickly transition away from our current dirty, unhealthy and thoroughly unsustainable economy.

Yet several days ago, despite the desperate urging of Climate expert Bill McCibbin the democratic national committee failed to put a carbon fee on their platform.

We need to demand action. Republicans and democrats alike should be held accountable for the government’s role in subsidizing and placating the fossil fuel industries.

The facts are that we currently have the technologies. Solar, wind, geothermal, tidal energy, bio-fuels, ethanol, methanol … We can also be using our burgeoning landfills to create higher mixed alcohol fuel, which is what companies such as Bioroot Energy are doing. The list goes on. All of these can help us break free from fossil fuels forever and can be produced and massively increased now.

Our cars? In addition to the rise of electric vehicles, according to the documentary, ‘Pump’ by Josh Tickell, current engines can be easily run on bio-fuels. NOW. In fact the only reason they don’t is that car companies have programmed them to only accept fossil fuels. This, while we are staring extinction in the face due to our dependence on these same fuels. It is a fact that can only be explained by the power fossil fuel companies have had in our government. They have been permitted to monopolize our energy systems and it’s time to break up that monopoly for the protection of life on earth.

We have all the solutions we need, but what we need is the will. We need the education. We need the action. We need every citizen to choose a livable future and demand that the government does the same.


Please sign the petition below in support of a carbon fee, and to find out more details of the CCL plan.

Put a fee on carbon!

Also .. If your house or apartment currently relies on dirty energy, please visit the Climate Store to convert to solar or wind and join the Clean Energy Revolution!

Give me Green Energy! 

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Green Christmas

 Is your dream of a white Christmas turning Green?

Well, once again, this past year has topped all the previous years as being the hottest year on record. Two hundred countries around the world recently joined together in Paris to create a framework they would use to tackle this problem.

I applaud them for their efforts, and am heartened by their goal to restrict warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, with a hard cap at 2 degrees. However, going all the way to 2 degrees would swallow coastlines around the world and the entire Marshall Islands. And many scientists believe their strategies for getting there are simply not nearly aggressive enough.

At this point, mankind needs to make a concerted effort to end all dependence on fossil fuels. We must keep them in the ground and switch our reliance to clean technologies as soon as humanly possible. While this may sound daunting, we have the ability to do this. What we have lacked is widespread understanding and will power.

Each and every one of us (myself included) is part of the problem. And each one of us can be part of the solution. We can all individually phase out our dependence on fossil fuels and become a part of the clean energy movement!

My mission is to make eco-friendly solutions mainstream through dramatic and addictive story based entertainment. I believe part of the problem is that most people are poorly informed about the situation and frequently too overwhelmed in their daily lives to become part of the solution. So my job will be to help make this transition easy and entertaining.

‘The Global Cooling Project’ has a climate store where people can go to sign up for clean energy in their homes, find eco-friendly vacations, and even shop for energy saving and eco-friendly gifts.

I am also in development with a dramatic web-series called ‘Revolution Earth’ with Golden Globe award winning co-creator Jeff Abugov (Two and a Half Men, Cheers, Roseanne..) It is a love triangle between a single mom, an environmental activist and an oil company lobbyist that eventually becomes a journey around the world to see the devastating effects of climate change and fossil fuel dependence first hand. At the end of each episode we will link to online actions that people can take to help end our dependence on fossil fuels.

I have been working with little to no funds over the past year and a half. But I have reached a point where I simply need funding in order to keep up the progress and make this happen. Your help with a tax deductible donation (just before the end of the year) will help make our dream – of a cleaner, safer future world – a reality. And be greatly appreciated!

I am just beginning an official fundraising campaign to reach our overall goal of $75,000. This will cover website expansion and operations for a year, as well as very preliminary development expenses for the series. I am gathering an extremely professional and talented team, and I need to be able to pay them for their time. I will also be expanding the website’s climate store and marketing outreach while giving the site a new, more polished look with the help of experts.

My current team for ‘Revolution Earth’ includes an Emmy nominated producer, Walter Barnett, Nobel Peace Prize winning climatologist, Laurence Kalkstein and composer Jonas Friedman from shows like ‘Blue Bloods’ and the ‘X-Files Reunion’. Actress and producer Laura Fay Lewis is also Associate Producing.

I have a very interested Academy Award winning actress waiting in the wings for a script, and funding will help assure that I get it to her. I am very eager to move this project forward and funding is critical at this stage to help assure continued progress and completion!

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated and go toward the continuation, expansion and development of this project.

You can see our newly edited concept teaser, and donate by credit card on a recurring monthly basis or as a one time donation, through the link below:


Watch our new teaser and donate..

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There are many ways you can help in addition to this:

We can also accept in kind donations. We currently can use a new MacBook Pro, Mac monitor, a sustainable blogger, marketing, graphic design, press contacts, web site development, grant search, grant writing, environmentally pro-active industry contacts, and organizational assistance. Even sharing our cause with your friends helps!

Also, please join us in New York City near Union Square for a screening of ‘This Changes Everything‘ on 1-11-16. Tickets must be reserved by Jan 4th!

Get tickets NOW! 1-11-16 NYC

Get tickets NOW! 1-11-16 NYC

And … Visit the climate store to kick fossil fuels every time you turn on the light in you home. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

(Eco-friendly gifts also available in the Eartheasy Store!)

Happy Holidays to all! May this be a season of HOPE for all our futures!

In Gratitude,
Aria McKenna
Founder / Creator
The Global Cooling Project / Revolution Earth

Thank you so much for your time and help on this, on behalf of myself, The Global Cooling Project and Revolution Earth team!

You’re invited … ‘This Changes Everything’

Film Screening – This Changes Everything

Monday, January 11

6:30PM – 8:26PM

Monday, January 11 6:30PM – 8:26PM
at AMC Loews 19th St. East 6
890 Broadway, New York, NY, US, 10003 (map)
$12.00 General


What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?

Filmed over 211 shoot days in nine countries and five continents over four years, This Changes Everything is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change.

Directed by Avi Lewis, and inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller This Changes Everything, the film presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montana’s Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond.

Interwoven with these stories of struggle is Klein’s narration, connecting the carbon in the air with the economic system that put it there. Throughout the film, Klein builds to her most controversial and exciting idea: that we can seize the existential crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better.

This Changes Everything will leave you refreshed and inspired, reflecting on the ties between us, the kind of lives we really want, and why the climate crisis is at the centre of it all.

Will this film change everything? Absolutely not. But you could, by answering its call to action.

There will be a brief intro and a Q & A afterwards.                                                                           We are hoping for some surprise guests!



Also, there is an option to add a donation to the ticket price at check out.

Receive a signed 'Revolution Earth' poster when you add a $25 Donation at checkout by Dec 1st.

We will be offering a small autographed ‘Revolution Earth’ poster as our thank you gift to all those who add a donation of $25 or more by Dec 30th!


Your advanced ticket purchase is essential to help make sure this event happens.                      (Of course, your funds will be reimbursed on the off chance we don’t meet the minimum.)



More updates to come soon!

Thank you for your continued support, and as always, please stop by the Climate Store to switch to solar or wind energy in your home to help make the transition to a cleaner, greener economy!


In Gratitude,


What I learned on Capitol Hill

Well, folks, it’s been far too long since I’ve given you an update! Things are still definitely chugging over here, and I feel blessed to have recently made an incredibly inspiring and informative trip to Washington DC with an amazing group of Washington influencers.

The American Sustainable Business Council is a group of businesses with their eye on Sustainability in all things. The environment, wages, treatment of workers.. The point is that short term thinking can do long term damage, and so they have been growing in numbers and influence to bring that message to DC.  And I’ve had the enormous pleasure to be able to join them in building alliances on behalf of these issues.


  • Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Republican Congressman Bob Inglis speaking with us in depth about the carbon tax bill which Whitehouse helped draft and Inglis supports.

– This bill begins to assess the extra costs of burning fossil fuels on both the government and the public through extreme weather damage and health care costs, charging the companies responsible. While the assessments cannot properly take into account the lives lost, or the full scope of the damage, it is a very good start. I have much hope for this plan which would help incentivize corporations to voluntarily cut their carbon footprints while giving money back into the economy in many ways.
(I was also able to bring my support to Capitol Hill by lobbying on its behalf!)

  • Talking with Ben and Jerry (who gave us some amazing ice cream treats!) about their support of Bernie Sanders who is setting out to tackle corporate interests in Washington and climate change in an earnest and ambitious way.
  • Listening to Jon Replogle, CEO of Seventh Generation, give  a passionate and rousing speech about the importance of protecting our resources.

“You cannot live a healthy life on a sick planet” Replogle said during our first night’s gathering hosted by sustainably minded cause lobbyist John Jameson.

  • And … Of course our visit inside the White House where we spoke with many Washington insiders including a panel of presidential advisors on Climate Change.


The message that rang out loud and clear in many of these talks is that there are many in DC that are working hard to make a difference. They know what’s at stake for the safety of our resources and our future and yet there is only so much that they can do without our help. They need signals from the market that consumers are transitioning off of fossil fuels, and they need our voice. 

I heard them ask us to help them reach out to people, to help engage people in reaching out to their senators and congressmen. When a politician needs that check from big oil for their next election, the only thing that will speak louder than that is the voice of the people who tell them loud and clear: ‘We will re-elect you if you fight for our right to safe and healthy air and water. If you fight for our children. But we will NOT re-elect you if you fight for dirty energy.’ 

An election is around the corner, and for the first time ever, climate change is a central part of that debate. If we’d been discussing it sooner, the stakes might not be this high, and massive change might not be this urgent. 

But it is clear to me, we have got to get this right if we want man’s legacy on this planet to be one we can ever be proud of. 


Also, it was the National Week of Action on Climate Change this past week! Show your support of a cleaner, healthier world by taking action this weekend!

Action suggestions: 

Check out Climate Reality’s pledge videoThey are building a list of politicians who are on board with the fight, and you can pledge to support those who believe in the fight for our future.

Kick coal once and for all by switching your electric bill to wind power through ethical electric, or connecting to solar electricity through our climate store.  

Or you can make a tax deductible donation to help us rally the troops through the production of Revolution Earth. -The World Changing Web-Series. The time is ripe for an Earth Revolution!

The Global Cooling Project is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of the Global Cooling Project must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the law.

We’re in the Semi-Finals to Win $10,000! 

Thank you so much! With your help, we made it through round one in the top of our category! We’re in the Semi-Finals!!

Start Something Challenge:



Now all this week, we will need your sustained support to get through to the final round where we pitch in front of celebrity judges for the $10,000 prize! 

When we get through this round we will receive invaluable help with our pitch and package to make sure they have the winning edge and business appeal.

We are planning on spiffing up our teaser, expanding the site, bringing our package to some key people, and many other details I will be sharing with you as time progresses.

Rules:  One vote per day, per device will be accepted. 

Which means if you have 3 devices (including smart phone) you could easily give us 21 votes this week!

Thank you so much for your effort and support. I truly believe this could be a most powerful way to unite us and bring hope to the future for our planet and children! 

Thank you!



The Revolution Earth Team!