Let Standing Rock Stand


The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is currently in a battle for the future of all of our lives. Energy Transfer Partners has been pushing ahead with the construction of a pipeline that would cross through their sacred waters, endanger the water supply for 17 Million people, and help push us past the brink of no return on climate change.

The Army Corps of Engineers has allowed Energy Transfer Partners to ignore their orders to cease construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline until further review, while armed government militia has been using dangerous and deadly force against peaceful water protectors. The Army Corps response to the endangerment to life and limb from the aggressive military actions is now to tell the water protectors that they must leave their own encampments by December 5th. This camp is currently under the process of weatherization to withstand the cold winter months assisted by the generous donation of Yurts from actress and activist Jane Fonda.

The Oceti Sakowin Camp has become a gathering point for many nations around the world who are standing in solidarity for the protection of the waters and lands of the Standing Rock Sioux, and for all of us who gather in solidarity to protect our futures. This camp is also an example of how we can create a peaceful communities without fossil fuels through the generous donations of solar panels from Mark Ruffalo and The Solutions Project.

Please sign and share this petition to protect the Standing Rock and their water protector brothers and sisters from eviction from their rightful treaty land.

Petition to Save the Water Protectors’ Camp

Also, to learn more about the response and concerns from Standing Rock, please watch this press conference from this afternoon.

Standing Rock Press Conference


And see a few ways you can get yourself off fossil fuels right where you are at the Climate Store.

If you think this fight is important, please support the work we are doing by making a donation online.


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