The Global Cooling Project Network is a strategic alliance of Partners joined for the same cause. To help reverse Climate Change, preserve our resources, and support a strong, green economy.

Businesses do not have to choose between protecting the environment and thriving in the market place. In fact, protecting the environment just makes strong business sense!





The Global Cooling Project joined The American Sustainable Business Council on a recent trip to Washington DC, where we learned about policies and challenges from members of congress. The ASBC is an amazing governmental organization that is uniting businesses and organizations who are committed to supporting the sustainability of our resources and business practices for the future of our country and planet. The ASBC is giving them a voice in Washington.




The New Jersey Sierra Club¬†works to protect New Jersey’s environment and the planet. With about 20,000 members, the New Jersey Chapter is the 10th largest of the 65 chapters in the USA, Canada and Mexico.





The Global Cooling Project will be expanding its list of Partners to help promote ‘REVOLUTION EARTH’ and support our cause. We are also inviting Green, Sustainable Sponsors on board to help support production, so that we can help guide people toward their Earth Friendly Products and Services.¬†

We are committed to every relationship and sponsor helping to forward the movement toward a greener and more sustainable future.

If you are a part of an organization that you think would work well in alliance with ours, or would be interested in sponsoring ‘REVOLUTION EARTH’ please contact Aria McKenna at


Thank you!



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