Revolution Earth


The Web-Series, ‘Revolution Earth’ will be linked to definitive actions that can be taken online to reduce our carbon footprint and help protect the health of the world around us. The goal is to entertain, educate, inspire and empower people to be part of a global and dramatic shift toward sustainability.


The Story:

When an unassuming single mom returns to her old job on a small DC paper, she finds herself in a steamy love triangle between a wild environmental activist and a devoted oil company lobbyist. In an attempt to make sense of her own life, she unwittingly sparks a series of events that lead to an environmental revolution across the world, with her at the center of it all.


Our heroine’s story is interwoven between two worlds. One is an idealistic future, and the other is on a planet where bee colonies mysteriously disappear, birds plummet from the sky in droves, and millions of fish and sea life wash ashore, dead of unknown causes. Meanwhile, greenhouse gas emissions skyrocket, oil pours into the ocean, nuclear sites melt down, and extreme weather devastates cities around the world. Coincidence, or inextricable consequences of the unsustainable world we live in?

(Music by Eric DeArmon and The Truthseekers – ‘The Greatest of the World’)

When people across the world start paying attention to what’s happening, eventually the division between nations starts to blur, and these Eco-Warriors are looked upon as heroes. Civil disobedience, protests, and boycotts spread throughout the world. What follows is great governmental and corporate upheaval while the world begins the Environmental Revolution. Corporations that refuse to change, fall; while others flourish, grow, and prosper. As a result, the tides of change begin to shift.


In world where people are working harder for less, and time is scarce, the most effective solutions will be easily accessible.

‘Revolution Earth’ will provide Escapism, Entertainment, and Empowerment, in a format that is Emotionally Engaging and Easily Accessible; helping green businesses align themselves with the hearts and minds of the consumer, while they are empowered and inspired to take action.

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