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(Executive Producer, Co-Writer, Director)

Jeff is the recipient of the Golden Globe Award, the Peabody Award, three People’s Choice Awards, and was nominated for a Humanitas Prize and the Canadian Screen Awards.

His credits are too numerous to mention, but he began his professional career writing for the NBC hit “CHEERS,” then served as executive story editor on “THE GOLDEN GIRLS,” and went on to write and produce such hit shows as “ROSEANNE” and “TWO AND A HALF MEN.”. He was also executive producer of “ROC”, “GRACE UNDER FIRE”, and the animated series “FUGGET ABOUT IT.” As a writer / director his work can be seen in the feature film “THE MATING HABITS OF THE EARTHBOUND HUMAN” starring David Hyde Pierce and Lucy Liu.

Jeff’s notable achievements also include integrating powerful and relevant story lines into the hit show “ROSEANNE”, creating TV that was both comic, poignant and politically engaging.

Founder of The Global Cooling Project, Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Co-Writer, Lead Actress, Revolution Earth


(Executive Producer, Co-Writer, Lead Actress)

Aria is founder of THE GLOBAL COOLING PROJECT. She is also a First Place Winner for Drama from the National Society of Arts and Letters for the SE US. Her film “RIGHT HAND, RED” was nominated for a ‘Short Grand Prix’ Award at The Warsaw International Film Festival, and she is known for her dramatic work in the feature film “BRILLIANT MISTAKES” as the desperate tee totalling single mother of two who spirals downhill when one of her daughters lands in a coma. Other acting work includes, “A HAUNTING”, “CELEBRITY GHOST STORIES”, “THE HAUNTING OF”, “DEADLINE CRIME”, AND “TRUE CRIME”. She also played Paul Rudd’s sister-in-law, Claire Clairemount in his production of “BLOODY POETRY” with Adam Scott at The Globe Playhouse.

As director of Voice Tree Productions, and The New York Voice Over Success Program, Aria has also been involved with direction, casting, narration, and production of Voice Over commercials, and audiobooks. Voice Tree’s focus was on Eco-Friendly production with 100% carbon offset, and environmentally friendly facilities.



Walter Barnett Photo

Walter Barnett

( Head of Production, Line Producer )

A native of NYC, currently living in Los Angeles, Walter Barnett began working as a junior Executive for Norman Lear’s Tandem/TAT Productions supporting such productions as “All in the Family” and “Mary Hartman”. He then moved to Paramount Pictures TV where he worked on “Bosom Buddies”, “Shogun”, “Happy Days”, and “Family Ties” to name a few. After taking a small detour to produce “Requiem for a Heavyweight” on Broadway, he shifted to producing television shows such as “Martin” for Fox Network/HBO, “Eerie Indiana” for NBC, “Spin City” for ABC/Dreamworks, Disney’s “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” which received two Emmy nominations, as well as its sequel, “The Suite Life on Deck”. He has worked as a Production Executive for Leonard Goldberg’s Mandy Films, Grant Tinker’s GTG Entertainment, and Disney Channel’s in-house production entity “It’s a Laugh Productions”. He is a former Board Member and current Committee Chair of the Producers Guild of America.

jonas friedman

Jonas Friedman


Jonas Friedman is an innovative composer, music producer and sound designer of sound tracks for feature films, dramatic television series, video games and national events. His most recent credits include collaborating with Mark Snow as a composer and score mixer on Fox’s upcoming “X-FILES REUNION” and the dramatic CBS series “BLUE BLOODS”. He also worked as an arranger on “HALO – THE FALL OF REACH”, an animated series that recently shipped with Microsoft’s latest flagship gaming title and as an additional music composer with Brian Keane on BBC America‘s time period drama “COPPER”.

Larry on campus

Laurence Kalkstein, Ph.D

( Climate Science Advisor )

Dr. Kalkstein is a bioclimatologist who specializes in the impact of climate change and weather on human health, and is the principal investigator dealing with the development of heat/health warning systems being used worldwide. In addition to sharing a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his work as a lead author on IPCC Working Group II, Laurence has published over 140 peer-reviewed manuscripts, book chapters and monographs. He has consulted with numerous organizations that deal with environment/climate issues, including the Centers for Disease Control, the Global Cool Cities Alliance, the National Resource Defense Council and the World Meteorological Organization. He has worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to lower urban temperatures with the hope of saving lives, and has worked extensively with the South Korean government to determine the potential impacts of climate change on human health. He has also worked with the Union of Concerned Scientists to detect large-scale climate change in many US cities.

Laura Fay Lewis

Laura Fay Lewis

(Associate Producer)

Laura Fay is an actress, environmentalist, and creator and founder of LFL Productions LLC (film and new media) and LaDanorama (Art and Music). She produced the 2013 art documentary “WHO’S AFRAID OF RED YELLOW AND BLUE” and was an associate producer on “CELIBATE IN CHELSEA” She’s currently in pre-production for her film “THE EMPTY HANDED PAINTER” (based on true events and her real life experiences in the art world). Two films she is in, “SNITCHES” and “KETTLE” have made their rounds internationally and domestically on the festival curcuit. Laura Fay brings her passion for the environment, film and creativity to The Global Cooling Project.

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